Welcome to the Distributor support section for the Unique Polymer Systems Group of companies. You will be aware that we have a range of distributors and staff in many counties.

This section of the site is designed to support you, as well as provide a network of information that can be passed on to each other. Primarily controlled by Robin and the team in the UK we hope that you will contribute and add content.

Tell us about your case studies and as this is a secure site, even discuss 'problems'. It is not intended to duplicate the material on the other sites. We will update this section with company news, research into new products and also share any innovative ideas and solutions that we (or your customers) have found.

We would like this to be a support forum that hopefully will encourage discussion, both formal and informal regarding any issue related to Unique Polymer Systems it's products and service.

To preserve a degree of commercial confidentiality to access sections of the site you will need to register and log in. If you tick the 'remember me' box this should not be too inconvenient.
This is, unfortunately, necessary to prevent unwanted messages and attacks by Internet robots!


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